Ryerson Investment and Securities Knowledge - RISK

About Us

R.I.S.K is a 5 week investment program specifically designed for the average student; created in an attempt to destigmatize the fear and complexity around the stock market. Our mission is to provide basic and fundamental investment and securities knowledge with hopes to enrich the microcosm of financial literacy within Ryerson University as well as to promote and teach the importance of investing and saving at a young age.

As students helping students, we strive to create a proactive environment where passions are shared through discussion and engagement. The program includes a simulator, prizes, an industry speaker night and all relevant investment material so that all delegates graduate with enough understanding of investment strategies to make relevant investments for their future.

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The Program

The program has been created for students who lack financial literacy, which we had discovered to be a very relevant need. Evidently, students are reluctant to invest at a young age, while the ones that do wish to learn independently don’t know where to begin.

The R.I.S.K program aims to educate students in a wide breadth of basic investment areas, while still allowing participants to interact real time with their fellow delegates. Each R.I.S.K workshop builds off the previous lessons and was strategically designed to provide all students with adequate time to develop a personal understanding of the markets, and their own preferred investment style.

Topics covered include:

  • Different Securities and the stock market
  • Basic Math involved in purchasing stocks
  • Portfolio Management and emotional intelligence
  • Risk Management
  • Investment Vehicles
  • Investing at a young age
  • Relevant Investment Strategies for beginners

The RISK Program takes unique concepts, and allows for a safe and inclusive environment for all to learn and grow. If you wish to apply, please click and fill the 2-minute application below. This will give us an understanding of your interests and your ability to commit to graduating the program.

The Team

Habib Mehrabiyazdi


Co-Founder and President

BComm Candidate, 2017 – Major: Marketing Management
Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management

Habib is a driven Business Management student, who is excited to be working with students from across Ryerson University with the introduction of R.I.S.K.. Feel free to approach Habib and have a talk with him, whether it’s about R.I.S.K, Ryerson, or just anything really, he is always one to welcome new faces.

Stefan Kollenberg

Stefan Kollenberg

Corporate Associate

BComm Candidate 2017
Major: Marketing Management
Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management

Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee

Events Associate

BComm Candidate 2017
Major: Finance
Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management

Siobhan Upton

Siobhan Upton

Events Associate

Honorary Council

  • Alexander Simonelli - Co-Founder
  • Georgi Chonkov


Our current partner, and parent organization is the Ryerson University Finance Society (RUFS). Feel free to check their website out and learn a little more about what they do for the community here at TRSM and Ryerson: www.rufs.ca



The RISK program is sponsored by The Bank of Nova Scotia:


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you would like to work with us, check out our sponsorship package and feel free to send us an email: theriskprogram@gmail.com

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about the finance program and/or careers.


Ted Rogers School of Management
55 Dundas Street West, Room TRS 1-135
Toronto, ON M5B 2G9

Contact Methods

Email: theriskprogram@gmail.com

Where is the RISK office?
You can find our office at TRS 1-135, which is on the 7th floor of the Ted Rogers School of Management. We have office hours that are posted outside of the door: Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM.

Leaders in Investment Banking

[ Saturday, August 31, 2013 ]

This 2-day event is designed to help students break into the field of investment banking. The workshop will teach students how to build a resume for investment banking and will train them for the technical and behavioral portions of investment banking interviews.

During the workshop we will continuously assess the participants and will invite a select few to the Leaders Candidate Program, allowing them to become a part of the global network of graduates from the Leaders initiative.

The program helps candidates with mentoring, networking, and career opportunities. Therefore, it is recommended that students who are passionate about a career in finance participate in this event and try their best to involve themselves in class discussions. Please note, students who do not attend the complete 2-day workshop will not be considered for the Leaders Candidate Program.

Click to go to the Eventbrite event page

Certified Financial Planner - CFP

If you are interested in a career in financial planning, obtaining CFP certification demonstrates to your clients that you are committed to exemplifying the industry gold standard in financial planning. Earning CFP certification will equip you with all the skills, abilities and knowledge necessary to be a competent and ethical financial planner working directly one-on-one with clients.

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Haiek Melkon
Haiek Melkon

Haiek Melkon

Major: Finance
  • I am part of a few other initiatives at Ryerson, including Capital Markets Group and the Sigma Chi Fraternity
  • I wish I was as cool as Geoff Logan
  • Interest in a career in Financial and Business Consulting
"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."